lowongan kerja Kerja Sales Forces (FIFGROUP Cikarang 1) FIFGROUP

Selamat Datang di Situs lowongan kerja Kerja Terbaru 2020 dan Saat ini kami ingin memberitahukan Info Terbaru lowongan kerja Kerja dari Perusahaan FIFGROUP dengan posisi Sales Forces (FIFGROUP Cikarang 1) FIFGROUP yang dibuka saat ini. Jika Loker Perbankan/Keuangan ini sesuai dengan kualifikasi kamu silahkan langsung mengirimkan lamaran melalui situs loker terbaru kami. Memang setiap pekerjaan tidak lah mudah untuk di lamar karena harus memenuhi beberapa kualifikasi dan persyaratan yang harus kita penuhi sesuai dengan kriteria standar Perusahaan tersebut yang sedang mencari kandidat potensial untuk dapat bekerja. Semoga informasi lowongan kerja kerja Sales Forces (FIFGROUP Cikarang 1) FIFGROUP dibawah ini sesuai dengan Kualifikasi anda. Semoga Beruntung 😀

Berikut ini adalah Detail Lengkap dari lowongan kerja Kerja Sales Forces (FIFGROUP Cikarang 1) FIFGROUP

In 1989, Mitrapusaka Artha Finance was established as subsidiary to PT Astra International, Tbk. In 1991, Mitrapusaka Artha Finance changed its name to PT Federal International Finance (FIF) or widely known as FIFGROUP. Initially, the company engaged in consumer financing, leasing and factoring. In 1996, FIF decided to focus its operations in Honda motorcycle financing. FIF’s commitment and dedication have brought the Company as the leading Honda financing company in Indonesia. With jaringan coverage from Sumatera to Papua, FIF today manages 209 branch offices, 400 Point of Services, and more than 25 thousand employees. In terms of business segment, aside from new motorcycle financing, FIF also offers used motorcycle financing and multi purpose financing, under FIF Spektra, with conventional or Sharia financing schemes.

During 30 years of its operations, FIFGROUP has delivered many achievements and gained various recognitions. Committed to continuous improvement, in 2014 FIFGROUP internalized corporate values and embarked on a new journey of business transformation toward the realization of its vision and mission. FIFGROUP achievements today are the start of the many accomplishments to come.

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